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10 Awesome Ways to Enjoy Spring in Colorado

Spring is finally here, and for most of us here in Colorado, it’s not a minute too soon. With harsh winters, a spring thaw is just what we need to kick start a great warm season. If you’ve been stuck inside during the biting winter cold, you might be looking for an excuse to get outside and enjoy the warm air. Luckily for you, Colorado offers many different ways to enjoy the beautiful spring season!

Whether you are into exciting outdoor activities or spending time indoors, Colorado in the spring has something for everyone to enjoy. Check out our list of the top 10 ways to enjoy spring and make this season the best spring yet!

Visit a Wildlife Refuge

If the most wildlife you’ve seen in awhile is just the deer and birds in your own backyard, maybe it’s time to take a trip to one of Colorado’s seven wildlife refuges to get in touch with nature. A great way to see nature up close while still staying close to home, a visit to a wildlife refuge is a fantastic excuse for all ages to get outside:

Check out a Brewery, Winery, or Distillery

Colorado is chock full of amazing craft breweries, wineries, and distilleries that all offer their own culture and flavors. If you’re a fan of these unique beverages, checking out a venue that specializes in them is a great way to get together with friends for an eclectic adventure. Find your favorites at these popular destinations:

Take in a Historic District

If you’re a history buff, or even if you’re just hoping for an adventure that is out of the ordinary, visiting one of Colorado’s many historic districts is a great day trip. From Breckenridge to Georgetown and many places in between, you along with your family and friends might enjoy a day or two spent taking a trip back in time.

Enjoy a Museum

Suppose you are a knowledge enthusiast, a trip to one of Colorado’s many museums might be right up your alley. There are plenty of museums all around the state for all kinds of tastes, and the best part is that many of them are free! Here are some of our favorites:

Rock Out at the Denver Day of Rock

Do you love music but aren’t sure where to go to find it in the springtime? Let the Denver Day of Rock boogie you out of your winter shell. Held each spring in downtown Denver, the Denver Day of Rock features more than two dozen concerts all held on one action-packed day. Even better, food and beer gardens are par for the course during this exciting day-long music festival. This year’s event takes place on May 28!

Go Mountaineering

Colorado is known for gorgeous mountain peaks, beautiful scenery, and fresh mountain air. But you would be surprised how many Colorado locals don’t jump at the chance to experience them. Break this stereotype and head out for a mountaineering adventure in the mountains. For an easy climb, visit Mount Bierstadt, and work your way up from there! You don’t have to be a professional climber to enjoy all that Colorado’s mountains have to offer.

Walk Where Dinosaurs Roamed

A visit to the Picketwire Canyonlands or the Dinosaur Ridge in Morrison is like taking a trip back in time to the land of the dinosaurs. If you have curious kids in your group, or even if you just want to walk among giants yourself, take a trip to this area to see firsthand dinosaur footprints along the “dinosaur highway.”

Take a Trip on a Train

Few methods of travel allow you to see the earth quite like taking a train ride does. Visit one of Colorado’s refurbished railroad lines that date back to the original cowboy days hundreds of years ago. Taking a trip on a train will trigger excited imaginations in both young and old, and will yield an exciting adventure to remember.

Go on a Hiking Adventure

If you’re not quite ready to climb a mountain but still want to see nature firsthand, visit one of Colorado’s national parks and enjoy a walk or even a ramble around a hiking trail. This is a great springtime activity for families, for couples, or even for groups of friends to get in touch with nature and spend a little bit of time together without worry of electronic distractions. Better yet, you’ll get some great exercise and you’re sure to enjoy some wonderful conversation with your companions.

Enjoy a Stay-Cation

Enjoying springtime in Colorado doesn’t require leaving the house and going on a long adventure, you can enjoy the spring season right from your own backyard. Grab your family, your friends, and your loved ones and head out the back door into some springtime excitement that you make yourself. Here are some great ideas to get you started:

  • Build a campfire and roast marshmallows together (bonus if you bring chocolate and graham crackers for s’mores!).
  • Haul out your tents and camp out in your backyard, where there’s easy access to electricity and beds should you decide not to sleep outside.
  • Host a backyard barbecue with your neighbors--what a great way to get your neighbors outside this spring!
  • Have the kids help plant seedlings or saplings in your landscape, and teach them about watching plants grow!

The Best Way to Enjoy Spring: In Your Own Backyard!

However, if you plan to spend your time enjoying the weather in your own backyard this year, make sure your landscape is healthy, happy, and ready to take on the fun! If you need help taking care of your lawn so it's green and beautiful this spring, let your friends at Lawn Doctor help! We'll take care of your lawn's fertilization, weed control, disease control, and more to ensure you can enjoy your backyard this season!

Start enjoying your backyard this spring!

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