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5 Surprising Health Benefits of Gardening

Whether it be gluten-free dining options or farm-to-table restaurants, with every new health movement that emerges, one truth always prevails: nothing beats vegetables grown in your very own garden. Homegrown produce offers an incredibly nutritious alternative to the processed foods we encounter everyday, but what you may not know is that gardening itself can offer a wide array of health benefits as well. If you’ve been looking for the motivation to start your own garden, look no further! These surprising benefits gardening can have for your health should give you the perfect excuse to start getting your hands dirty!

1. Give your brain a boost

Gardening involves and helps strengthen many of our most critical mental functions like dexterity, problem solving, and awareness. Multiple research studies have suggested that daily gardening not only has a positive impact on dementia patients, but that it can also reduce the risk of dementia and Alzheimer's by up to 50 percent!

2. Stop stress in it’s tracks

We’ve all had experience struggling with the everyday stress of life. Stress can take years off your life and severely diminish your happiness. Getting out in the garden at the end of the day can greatly reduce the amount of stress you feel on a daily basis. Studies have shown that growing plants from seeds encourages positive thinking and improvement to your self-esteem and even reduces the levels of stress-creating hormones in your blood.

3. Keep your heart healthy

Gardening helps keep you active for more time during the week while you do something you enjoy (it’s a win-win). Not only that, but because it reduces stress and keeps your heart pumping healthily, gardening can decrease your risk for a variety of heart-related health issues including heart attacks, heart disease, strokes and diabetes!

4. Strengthen your defense

Not only does gardening allow you to soak up more of the Sun’s bone-strengthening Vitamin D, but the soil can help improve your immune system to fight off sicknesses. From getting dirt underneath your fingernails to breathing in healthy bacteria, the nutrients of your garden can help to alleviate symptoms of allergies and asthma that are associated with an overstressed immune system.

5. Sleep soundly

Spending time out in the garden tires you out and allows you to use up the extra energy you have. When you combine the hard work of gardening with it’s stress and anxiety-lowering benefits, it comes down to you getting a better night’s sleep and more relaxing dreams. With better sleep, you’ll feel more alert and enjoy a more positive attitude--and who couldn’t benefit from that?

Gardening is tough work, but gives you something you can ultimately be proud of. Having a beautiful landscape and lawn to match your new garden ensures your home will give off a great first impression to visitors. With all the hard work you put into your garden, consider hiring a professional to keep your lawn perfectly manicured, so you can relax and enjoy your beautiful yard!

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