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6 Important Steps to Getting Your Lawn Mower Ready for Spring

Lawn mower maintenance is an important part of maintaining a gorgeous landscape.

With the weather warming up, your thoughts are now turning to planting in the garden and getting your yard ready for a great summer. One item you can’t overlook is getting the lawn mower ready. After all, it’s been sitting all winter, unused, and needs a little bit of extra care.

If you ignore the mower, you might be in for a surprise once the grass is tall enough to cut. Maybe the motor won’t turn on, or it runs rough, or you might even notice the grass isn’t cut evenly. Don’t wait for a problem, be proactive and take care of any issues now. 

Pull the Plug

Keep your backyard tidy with a well-functioning lawn mower.Before you do anything else to your lawn mower, pull the spark plug out of the engine. You’ll need a socket wrench with a spark plug attachment, but removing it is straightforward. 
Getting the spark plug out of there will prevent any accidents while you’re working on the mower. It will also allow you to inspect the plug for signs of wear. Most likely the spark plug will need to be replaced. That helps avoid difficult starts in the middle of the summer. 

Sharpen the Blade

You don’t want a dull mower blade. During the season, the edges get worn down, especially if twigs or rocks are in the lawn. 
A dull blade won’t cut the grass cleanly. It can tear the tips, leaving ragged edges that don’t look good and hurt the lawn. If the blade is especially dull, it will just bend the grass. 
To sharpen the blade, you’ll need to unbolt it from the mower, which is also a straightforward process. Unless you’re an expert at sharpening blades, take it to a shop, where you’ll pay a small fee but get top-notch results. 

Clean It

Any mower gets dirty during the season. Then it sits in a garage or shed all winter, where it accumulates more dust and grime. Start out right with a clean mower. 
It’s great to see the paint shine, but you really need to focus on the underside of the mower deck. Grass gets caked onto the metal, and it can negatively impact how your mower operates. Use a strong stream of water to wash off all you can, then scrape the rest off with a putty knife. Since the blade is off, you’ll be able to work without fear of injury. 
Removing and cleaning the carburetor with specialized cleaner is a good idea as well. It will keep the mower running strong and help avoid difficult starts. 

Change the Oil

Clean up your lawn mower in spring for great results all season!To keep your mower running strong, pull the oil drain plug and fill a container with the old oil. Replace the plug and pour in fresh oil, ensuring the motor will run strong through the end of the season. 

Lubricate Key Points

While the oil will lubricate the engine components, you need to lubricate some other parts, too. Squirt some lubricant on the following areas: 

  • Wheel bearings
  • Throttle control
  • Blade 

Check the Air Filter

Open the air filter box and see if a new filter is necessary. Remember that a clogged filter is like the engine gasping for breath constantly.

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