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How to Get Your Lawn Ready for the Winter Months

As a homeowner, you’ve likely spent the past year working hard on your lawn to make it as healthy and vibrant as possible. Lucky for you, with wintertime on the way and cool temperatures coming fast, the days of working outside in the hot summer sun are long behind you. However, just because the weather is about to be cooler doesn’t mean that your landscape doesn’t still need your care! Check out our top tips below to learn how you can get your lawn ready for the upcoming winter months.

Clear Your Landscape Clutter

Did you know that when your lawn is covered by yard debris, it can be easily damaged by diseases, pests, and fungus--all of which can make your grass look sickly? Avoid this mess by continuing to clear your lawn of clutter throughout the winter. Although it can be easy to let the yard work fall to the wayside when the temperatures drop, be sure to keep your yard free of clutter by:

  • Continuously raking leaves
  • Clearing lawn debris and mulch
  • Cleaning up after pets 
  • Picking up trash or garbage around the yard

Lower That Mower Blade

When winter arrives, many grass types used in the Denver and Colorado Springs areas go dormant, meaning that they grow more slowly when the temperatures drop. While you might think this means a break from mowing your lawn until the spring thaw, you could be wrong! The reality is that while growth certainly does slow, staying on track with your mowing on schedule is important to achieving a gorgeous and healthy lawn in the spring. In order to get your lawn ready for the winter months, be sure to: 

  • Lower your mower blade to about 2 inches
  • Mow your grass about once every two weeks

This schedule will ensure that your grass gets the care it needs, but isn’t stressed out.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

As winter settles in, you might notice that you reach for lip balm and lotion more than usual. That’s because the drier fall and winter air can dry out your skin and make you uncomfortable. Guess what? Your grass feels the same way! To help keep your lawn healthy during the drier winter months, it is important to keep your grass hydrated. When watering your lawn this winter, limit your watering sessions to about 5-10 minutes. This will help you avoid oversaturating your lawn during a cold snap, but will make sure your grass roots get the moisture they need to make it through the winter. 

Cut Back Your Perennials

Your trees and shrubs make your landscape look great, so it’s important to take care of them during the winter months to ensure that they can keep doing so for years to come! At the end of your plant’s growth cycle, cut back or remove your perennial plants for the best results. 

Don’t Forget Weed Control

When your grass isn’t growing, it can be easy to forget that weeds are always waiting in the wings to take over your landscape. However, preparing your lawn for the winter months is the perfect time to make sure that you are continuing your weed control efforts year round. During the winter, your plants are competing for nutrients, moisture, and other resources. Keep on top of your weed control to make sure that the plants you want are the ones getting the things that they need to survive the winter!

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