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Popular Parks in Denver, CO

Denver is a world-renowned urban hub full of city sights, sounds, and activities. However, this beautiful Colorado metropolis still offers residents and visitors easy access to several parks and green spaces. Most people don't realize that Denver has:

4,000+ acres designated for traditional parks

2,500 (of total 4,000+) acres are considered urban natural acres

300 acres of "Rivers & Trails" parks

14,000 acres of mountain parks

Denver's sprawling green spaces offer more than gorgeous natural scenery. There are several parks where locals and tourists alike can enjoy outside activities. Kayaking, walking, biking, and picnicking are just some of the many things to do at local parks like Bear Creek, Sloan's Lake, and Washington. Centennial Flower Gardens gives guests an up-close glimpse at the region's indigenous flora, while Civic Center Park holds community events for visitors of all ages.

Denver even offers its own rendition of NYC's infamous Central Park at City Park. Here you'll find gardens, museums, free concerts, and even a public golf course. With so much lush green space, it's easy to see why outdoor adventurists all over the world flock to Denver each year to enjoy this breathtaking city.

Serving Our Neighbors in Denver, Colorado

Lawn Doctor: Professional Denver Lawn Care That Beautifies This Great City

Since 1972, Lawn Doctor has proudly served home and business owners in Denver to help them achieve their own gorgeous green spaces. With over 40+ years of experience, you can trust that Lawn Doctor knows Denver lawns! We use our skill and insight to develop customized lawn and turf solutions to help your Colorado property grow and thrive.

Our commercial and residential service offerings include:

Most importantly, Lawn Doctor offers several natural, eco-friendly lawn care products to ensure our treatments are both environmentally and family-friendly. We use Proganix, a 95% natural bio-nutritional product as the cornerstone of our Denver fertilization program. Proganix is completely eco-friendly and effective. Lawn Doctor can help you love your lawn and still feel safe spending time in your own private green space.

Unparalleled Customer Service: The Lawn Doctor Advantage

Why work with us?

Beyond our extensive local-experience, Lawn Doctor offers several impressive service differentiators that set us apart from the competition:

  • Locally-owned and operated – we know Denver growing conditions, inside and out
  • Competitor price matching – receive a lower price from a competitor and we'll match it
  • Flexible scheduling – we work around your daily routines for optimal convenience
  • Hassle-free payment - auto pay and prepay options

Lawn Doctor's biggest differentiator? Our complete commitment to customer service excellence. At Lawn Doctor, we aren't satisfied until you're satisfied. You will receive personalized care and attention throughout your project to guarantee your job meets expectations. That's the Lawn Doctor difference!

Let Lawn Doctor Enhance Your Denver Property

You're just a phone call away from a golf course quality lawn. Contact Lawn Doctor today to hear more about our customized services and current promotions.

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