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Effective Mosquito Control For Your Colorado Backyard

Nothing can ruin outdoor fun faster than mosquitoes, and with good reason. 

The list of mosquito-borne illnesses seems to grow every year – and quite honestly, we've had enough. At Lawn Doctor, we refuse to let mosquitoes have the final word on when our customers get to spend time outside in their Colorado backyards. We offer advanced mosquito spray services to eliminate these dreadful bugs and help our clients reclaim their properties.

Your kids can enjoy the hammock in the backyard thanks to Lawn Doctor's mosquito control services!

Mosquito Control Services

Mosquitoes are far more than a mere nuisance; these nasty parasites can carry a wide range of serious and potentially fatal illnesses to both humans and animals alike, such as:

  • West Nile Virus
  • Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE)
  • Dog Heartworm
  • Malaria
  • Chikungunya
  • Dengue
  • Yellow Fever

Yard Armor Treatment

Our eco-friendly mosquito treatment, Yard Armor, is a natural-based spray designed to eliminate mosquitoes and ticks around your property's perimeter. Our cedar and peppermint oil product is not only highly effective – it also smells great! Lawn Doctor's trained exterminators will carefully apply it throughout your yard to send mosquitoes on their way.

Max Pro Grade Treatment

The next step up is a stronger, chemical-based approach for properties at high risk or areas that require prolonged control. Lawn Doctor's Max Pro Grade treatment is best suited for homes near bodies of water, along greenbelts, or suffering from severe mosquito problems.

Customer Service Excellence Is Our Top Priority

At Lawn Doctor, we stand behind our work. As a locally owned and operated Colorado company, you are more than just our customers; you are our friends, neighbors, and community. Your satisfaction is always our top priority. If you're not completely satisfied with Lawn Doctor's mosquito treatment services, just let us know. We will gladly retreat your yard, free of charge, until you are – that's the Lawn Doctor promise.  

Education Can Help Prevent Future Outbreaks

It's not just about eliminating current infestations; it's also critical to know how to prohibit future outbreaks. Lawn Doctor can help. Beyond innovative treatments, our mosquito exterminators also offer one-on-one consultations to help clients:

  • Eliminate breeding grounds
  • Trim back vegetation
  • Utilize repelling plants

Lawn Doctor consultative services, coupled with our yard sprays, can help deliver a comprehensive approach for long-term mosquito control.

Ready To Take Your Backyard Mosquitoes By Storm?

Don’t risk the health of your loved ones this summer. Partner with Lawn Doctor for effective, professional mosquito control services.