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Tree & Shrub Care, Maintenance, Plus Protection

The trees and shrubs on your property offer far more than natural cosmetic appeal. Healthy, well-maintained trees and shrubs improve air quality and enrich the soils around them. Foundational plantings provide much-needed shade and may reduce cooling costs inside a home. Most importantly, your residential and commercial plantings can actually improve property value. Recent studies revealed that a healthy, manicured landscape may increase the overall worth of your home by up to 28%, making your trees and shrubs an investment worth protecting.

Don't entrust the care and maintenance of your large plantings to just anyone. Partner with Lawn Doctor's tree experts for year round, customized tree and shrub programs that strengthen and beautify these key exterior features throughout your property.

Lawn Doctor's tree and shrub care services help keep your entire landscaping looking healthy and gorgeous!

Expert Tree & Shrub Care Services

Our Innovative Tree & Shrub Program Achieves Results

At Lawn Doctor, we know that the trees and shrubs on any property can suffer from many of the same conditions as the grass. Insects, disease, and harsh weather are just some of the many factors that can negatively impact the health of your trees and shrubs. Not on our watch. Lawn Doctor offers a full suite of services to keep these large plantings strong, robust, and thriving.

Lawn Doctor's 4-visit tree & shrub program includes:


Visit 1:

Late Winter/Early Spring

Lawn Doctor's trained, skilled, and experienced team of tree specialists arrive with the spring thaw ready to get your trees and shrubs ready for the upcoming season. Spraying your trees with an eco-friendly, non-pesticide dormant oil targets eggs and prevents hatching.


Visit 2:

May - Early August

Late spring and early summer can introduce several threats and pests to your landscapes. Lawn Doctor will carefully assess each planting for insect swarms and sickness. Our team will also apply pesticides to control aphids and mites from wreaking havoc throughout your yard.


Visit 3:

August & After

The hot, dry weather attracts seasonal insects that may weaken and damage your plantings. Lawn Doctor applies a final summer pesticide to control aphids and mites before the temperatures begin to drop.


Visit 4:


Lawn Doctor's root-level power injected Probiotic nourishes trees and shrubs with vital elements not present in Colorado soil. This treatment includes living microbes that also help redistribute existing soil components and improve nutrient uptake by the planting.

Extensive Tree & Shrub Services Beautify Your Property

Lawn Doctor believes there's no such thing as standardized landscape care and maintenance. That's why we also offer an extensive range of optional tree and shrub competencies to ensure every client receives a perfect service fit. After carefully assessing your yard's current health, Lawn Doctor may also recommend:

Ash Borer Treatment

Ash borers are destructive and devastating tree pests. First discovered in Boulder, Colorado in 2013, experts believe all untreated ash trees will die by 2020. Our innovative Emerald Ash Borer treatment strategy includes trunk sprays and soil injections.

Bark Borer Treatment

We offer this effective treatment twice per season to protect spruce, ash, pine, and lilac trees from wood boring pests.

Merit Soil Application

This systemic insecticide protects the inside of trees as well as prevents insect infestations. Lawn Doctor recommends this application as added protection against aggressive insects such as the ash borer.

Deep Root Watering

We recommend deep root watering to compensate for extended periods of below normal precipitation. Our deep root watering includes a natural yucca extract designed to mitigate permanent damage to your planting's dry, brittle branches.

Ready to discuss your tree and shrub care needs with a qualified landscape professional? Contact Lawn Doctor today!