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Emerald Ash Borers Can Devastate Your Property
Protect your trees with Lawn Doctor's Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) treatments.

Colorado is in the midst of a potentially devastating Emerald Ash Borer infestation – with no end in sight. First discovered in Denver in September 2013, this aggressive, wood-boring beetle is quickly laying waste to our region's indigenous ash tree population. As adults, these pervasive bugs lay their eggs on the bark of ash trees. Once hatched, the larvae burrow into the tree's bark, devouring vital plant tissues, disrupting critical nutrient distribution, and ultimately, causing death. Experts believe that, if left untreated, these tiny but mighty pests could eventually destroy all of Colorado's ash trees in just a few years.

Emerald Ash Borer Treatment

Lawn Doctor's Emerald Ash Borer Control Delivers Prompt, Proactive Protection

Don't let your property fall victim to the Emerald Ash Borer plague. Proactive, preventative care and treatment is the best weapon against these destructive beetles. If you're concerned about the health of your ash trees, don't wait; contact Lawn Doctor. Our highly effective Emerald Ash Borer prevention program can help you and your property win the war against these insatiable bugs.  

Our Innovative EAB Treatment Approach Is The Perfect Pest Prescription

Lawn Doctor's ash borer treatments are specifically designed to ward off an attack from this Asian beetle. Worried your trees may already be too far gone to save? Don't be. Our innovative approach can help salvage even heavily impaired trees. At Lawn Doctor, we've successfully recovered infected trees that were up to 40% damaged!

Additionally, Lawn Doctor's program goes beyond restrictive trunk injections used by other companies. Our team of lawn care professionals delivers tree-friendly soil injections and topical trunk sprays that systematically and (most importantly) effectively restore the health of your ash trees.

Our two-fold treatment process includes:

  • Annual soil injections to protect your ash trees from infection

  • Two protective sprays per year to prevent future infestations

Lawn Doctor's year-round approach can help eliminate these dreadful bugs, revitalize your trees' immune systems, and ward off future attacks.

I Haven't Noticed Any Tree Damage – Should I Still Be Concerned?

In a word – yes. Did you know that ash borers are voracious eaters that indiscriminately devour any ash species in its path? Did you also know that roughly 1 in 5 urban trees in our state are ash trees? That means approximate 20% of our entire urban tree population is officially on the menu, making it critical to vigilantly protect these plants at all times. Even if you've never noticed damage to the trees on your property, an infestation can be lurking just around the corner. Lawn Doctor can deliver preventative protection to safeguard your property from these destructive pests.

Contact Lawn Doctor Today For More Information

Want to hear more about our Emerald Ash Borer treatment program? Contact Lawn Doctor today! Our team of lawn care consultants will discuss your specific treatment needs and create a customized plan of action to ensure optimal results.