Southwest Branch Manager

Daniel is a true renaissance man when it comes to his duties. Whether it’s meeting with customers, forming marketing strategies, servicing lawns, or educating trainees, Daniel can do it all! His favorite part of the job, however, is working directly with the customer to improve the health of their lawn. He loves the smile that he sees on our customer’s faces when they show off their beautiful lawns to the world. He has been a member of the Lawn Doctor family since 2006.

Born in the far north of Eagle River, Alaska, Daniel has been a Colorado resident for 29 years. He has since acclimated to our local culture, including its food, festivals, and, most importantly, the Broncos. His favorite hobby is cooking, and is always looking for new recipes and flavor combinations to try. Feel free to give him any culinary ideas you might have!


  • Turf Pest Control
  • Ornamental Pest Control
  • Commercial Pest Control
  • Industrial Right of Way Weed Control
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