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  • Revive and revitalize your lawn with nutrients!

    Overtime, thatch builds up in your lawn, preventing sunlight and the necessary nutrients from reaching the roots of your lawn-- resulting in dead, dry grass. Luckily, here at Lawn Doctor, we have the right prescription to fix these ailments and get your landscape back to its former glory. The best part? You don’t have to lift a finger!


Locally-Owned and Operated

With over 40 years of local experience in Colorado, we are your fellow friends, neighbors, and biggest supporters in the community!

Child & Pet-Friendly Solutions

The safety of your loved ones is our number one priority. You can have the peace of mind knowing your children & pets are protected!

Eco-Friendly Treatments

We utilize the most environmentally-friendly products in the industry, with our treatments saving 50% less synthetics than our competitors!

We have tree, lawn, off lawn and aeration through Lawn Doctor. The 2 gentlemen did a wonderful job aerating our lawn. The 2 were very thorough in making sure to get the entire yard.

Colorado Springs

Aeration & Seeding in Colorado Springs

We schedule all of our seeding services for late summer/early fall. This is the most effective time to seed, according to experts at Colorado State University and our own experience. New seedlings have an easier time establishing themselves with cooler temperatures making it through the first winter. During the Spring, new seedlings have a difficult time surviving searing heat & hard clay can turn to rock during the summer between waterings. 

Although it seems simple, soil compaction and thatch build up are complex matters that can really put a damper on your lawn’s vitality and vibrancy. When thatch starts to build up and soil isn’t aerated, your plants can’t get the nutrients, oxygen, and water that they need to thrive. Aeration and seeding services in Colorado Springs will get your landscape back to its healthy self in no time. 

  • Aeration: Our aeration services involve removing plugs of soil from your lawn to help reduce soil compaction. This process allows water, oxygen and nutrients to get into the soil where it can reach the roots of your grass and plants.
  • Seeding: To keep your landscape from looking bare, we provide seeding services in the fall, which includes turning the soil to help improve your lawn’s overall appearance.

Extra Help for Completely Bare Lawns

Do you think your landscape could use a little extra help to get back to good health? If so, the doctors can help! We offer specialized Ultimate Power Seeding for lawns that are completely bare and in dire need of some TLC. We can help you turn that sad, bald lawn into one that you can be proud of. 

A Local Business That Treats You Like Family

We have been providing aeration and seeding services in Colorado Springs since 1979. With decades of experience under our belts, we know a thing or two about what lawns in this area need to thrive. When you call in Lawn Doctor to take care of your aeration and seeding needs, you can be sure that you are getting the best possible treatments at competitive prices. When we do business in Colorado Springs, we are doing business with our neighbors. You can rest assured that we will treat your landscape like our own and we will treat you like family. 

100% Satisfaction Guarantee & 20% Off!

Our customers are our business, and that’s why it is so important to us that our customers be completely satisfied with their service. All of our aeration and seeding services in Colorado Springs come with our 30-day guarantee. If within 30 days of your service you are dissatisfied with our work, we will come back and retreat your landscape for free. We'll even sweeten the deal by offering you 20% off our aeration services

You’ve got nothing to lose, except for bald spots!

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