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  • Is your lawn looking bare? We’ve got the perfect prescription!

    Everyone wants a healthy, green lawn, but what do you do when bald spots appear? The cause of the problem may be deeper than you think! Throughout the summer, normal wear and tear can compact the soil of your grass, creating unsightly thin spots. As these problems start showing, it’s important to give your lawn the boost it needs in the fall. Aeration and seeding in Pueblo can help generate growth and get your lawn back to being the envy of the neighborhood!

Locally-Owned and Operated

With over 40 years of local experience in Colorado, we are your fellow friends, neighbors, and biggest supporters in the community!

Child & Pet-Friendly Solutions

The safety of your loved ones is our number one priority. You can have the peace of mind knowing your children & pets are protected!

Eco-Friendly Treatments

We utilize the most environmentally-friendly products in the industry, with our treatments saving 50% less synthetics than our competitors!

We have tree, lawn, off lawn and aeration through Lawn Doctor. The 2 gentlemen did a wonderful job aerating our lawn. The 2 were very thorough in making sure to get the entire yard.

Colorado Springs

Aeration & Seeding in Pueblo

Over time, heavy foot traffic and the varying temperatures of Colorado can cause build-up in your lawn, which keeps the soil and plants from getting the oxygen they need to thrive. This can damage the growth of your grass, and cause thin spots to appear throughout your yard. As summer comes to an end, the wear and tear from your fun summer days start to show through bald spots.  Luckily, with Lawn Doctor on the case, we can get your yard back to being lush and full for the fall with our aeration and seeding treatments in Pueblo!

Give Your Lawn a Breath of Fresh Air 

The first step to restoring your lawn back to its former glory is to relieve the compaction in the soil through aeration. This process involves:

  • Adding small plugs throughout your lawn to reduce compaction and allow the roots to breathe! 
  • This will help reduce the thatch that builds up over time, giving your lawn the water, sunlight, and nutrients it needs to thrive.
  • Once we aerate your lawn, we then lay down new grass seed to the top of your lawn to ensure new, fuller growth!

Fill in Bare Spots with Seeding

Because seeds grow best in gentle weather, fall is the perfect time to lay down new seed after the summer heat is gone and before the harsh cold of winter sets in. Overseeding helps your lawn by:

  • Immediately improving overall appearance 
  • Filling in any bare spots and thicken existing grass with the new seed
  • Reducing future weeds and build resistance to strains of disease that can threaten your lawn! 

We offer standard overseeding, as well as power seeding for lawns that are completely bare. Give us call today at 303-936-8001 for a free lawn analysis! 

Call In An Expert & Save 20% On Aeration

Aeration and seeding is a complicated process that is best left to the experts like Lawn Doctor! As a locally owned and operated company, Lawn Doctor knows just the right way to help your lawn thrive in the Pueblo climate. As a locally owned company, Lawn Doctor always offers:

  • Flexible scheduling and appointments
  • Family and eco-friendly treatments
  • Competitor price matching
  • And, of course, friendly service!

Want to get a healthier, greener lawn without breaking the bank? We're offering 20% off our aeration services so you can get the service your lawn needs at a price that fits your budget!

Ready to have a beautiful lawn to enjoy this fall?

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