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  • Get the best lawn on the block with our help!

    Everyone has that neighbor with the perfectly manicured lawn that all the others on the street envy. What if we told you that lawn could be yours? Here at Lawn Doctor, we offer professional lawn services in Greenwood Village that can make your hum-drum landscape the envy of the neighborhood--all while keeping the environment safe!


Locally-Owned and Operated

With over 40 years of local experience in Colorado, we are your fellow friends, neighbors, and biggest supporters in the community!

Child & Pet-Friendly Solutions

The safety of your loved ones is our number one priority. You can have the peace of mind knowing your children & pets are protected!

Eco-Friendly Treatments

We utilize the most environmentally-friendly products in the industry, with our treatments saving 50% less synthetics than our competitors!

We have tree, lawn, off lawn and aeration through Lawn Doctor. The 2 gentlemen did a wonderful job aerating our lawn. The 2 were very thorough in making sure to get the entire yard.

Colorado Springs

Lawn Care in Greenwood Village

It may sound too good to be true to be able to achieve a beautiful, vibrant lawn without harming the environment, but we assure you it’s possible! Here at Lawn Doctor, we have the perfect prescription for a gorgeous and healthy lawn. We will work tirelessly to keep your grass happy and healthy, and protect the environment while we’re at it! With our lawn care in Greenwood Village, you will get:

  • 95% natural, probiotic-based fertilizers
  • Effective pre-emergent weed control
  • Soil conditioners and root boosters
  • Holistic fungus and disease treatment
  • Natural bug and grub suppression
  • And much more!

Protect the Earth with Eco-Friendly Services

We understand that protecting the environment is one of people in Colorado’s top priorities--and it is one of ours, too! We are committed to providing lawn services in Greenwood Village that are not only effective and yield results, but also eco-friendly. You can have a landscape to be proud of, and feel good about, all year long!

Family and Pet Friendly Treatments

Here at Lawn Doctor, we have families too, so we understand how important it is to provide lawn treatments that are also child and pet friendly. When you call our experts in to take care of your lawn care needs, you can rest assured that we will operate with the safety and wellbeing of your loved ones top of mind. We will treat your lawn like our own and ensure that your family and pets are protected during the entire process.

40+ Years of Experience

We have been providing lawn services in Greenwood Village for years, and so we know a thing or two about taking care of lawns in this area. When you choose Lawn Doctor for your lawn care services, you gain the benefit of our 40-years of experience in the industry, and enjoy the excellent customer services that comes with choosing a locally-owned and operated company. Our highly-trained technicians will give you excellent service each and every time we visit, to ensure that you have a lawn you can be proud to show off!

Lock in the lowest price for lawn care!

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