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  • Have a beautiful lawn you and your family can enjoy!

    Rather than spending your nights and weekends knee-deep in the dirt, spend it with friends and family enjoying your yard! With our lawn care in Littleton, we’ll give you a beautiful lawn you can enjoy with your loved ones. 


Locally-Owned and Operated

With over 40 years of local experience in Colorado, we are your fellow friends, neighbors, and biggest supporters in the community!

Child & Pet-Friendly Solutions

The safety of your loved ones is our number one priority. You can have the peace of mind knowing your children & pets are protected!

Eco-Friendly Treatments

We utilize the most environmentally-friendly products in the industry, with our treatments saving 50% less synthetics than our competitors!

We have tree, lawn, off lawn and aeration through Lawn Doctor. The 2 gentlemen did a wonderful job aerating our lawn. The 2 were very thorough in making sure to get the entire yard.

Colorado Springs

Lawn Care in Littleton

Having a healthy lawn isn’t just about having green grass. In order for your lawn to fight off drought, disease, insects, and weeds, you need to understand the science of lawn care. Here at Lawn Doctor, our expert technicians know exactly what treatments to apply to your lawn and when. When you partner with Lawn Doctor for lawn care in Littleton, your lawn will get:

  • Soil conditioners and root boosters to promote healthy soil and thick grass
  • Pre-emergent weed control to stop weeds from growing in your lawn
  • Grub control and prevention that eliminates insects in your yard while using natural products so your lawn won’t be harmed
  • Lawn treatments that use half the amount of herbicides, pesticides, and phosphorus as our competitors
  • Natural-based lawn fertilization that uses 50% less synthetics than our competitors
  • Lawn fungus and disease treatment when and if needed

Eco-Friendly, Green Lawn Services

Our team of professional technicians are always ready to create and maintain the best lawn possible. Part of having the best lawn is also having the safest lawn for the environment. Here at Lawn Doctor, we use Proganix, a natural bio-nutritional product that works to produce amazing results, while also being completely eco-friendly. While most lawn care companies in Littleton use synthetic fertilizers that could harm the environment, we find our green methods create better results while also being responsible. What’s more, we are the first and only company in Colorado using this, making us the best choice for natural-based, green lawn care in Littleton! Preserving your home’s environment isn’t just good for the planet, but also your family’s health and safety.

Re-Treatments & Refunds if You Aren't Satisfied

Saying that we are committed to our customer’s satisfaction is an understatement. There’s a reason we are the top-ranked lawn care provider in the area, and that’s because we deliver great results with no hassle. We are also the greenest and most eco-friendly lawn care company in Colorado. When you partner with us for lawn services in Littleton, you’ll get:

  • Friendly technicians that know your name.
  • Flexible and hassle-free scheduling and billing.
  • A full refund of our most recent visit if you aren’t 100% satisfied.
  • Free re-treatments on the off-chance that our applications weren’t successful.

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