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  • Bugs belong outside, not in your home!

    Are you tired of sharing your home with bugs? Your house should be the one place you feel most at ease. If you are ready to kick pests to the curb, our perimeter pest control in Littleton can help. Here at Lawn Doctor, we can keep your home free of bugs while also protecting your loved ones from harmful chemicals. Our pest solutions are natural-based and eco-friendly because we care about the environment and your family’s safety just as much as you do!


Locally-Owned and Operated

With over 40 years of local experience in Colorado, we are your fellow friends, neighbors, and biggest supporters in the community!

Child & Pet-Friendly Solutions

The safety of your loved ones is our number one priority. You can have the peace of mind knowing your children & pets are protected!

Eco-Friendly Treatments

We utilize the most environmentally-friendly products in the industry, with our treatments saving 50% less synthetics than our competitors!

We have tree, lawn, off lawn and aeration through Lawn Doctor. The 2 gentlemen did a wonderful job aerating our lawn. The 2 were very thorough in making sure to get the entire yard.

Colorado Springs

Pest Control in Littleton

We are not only dedicated to using completely green solutions for perimeter pest control in Littleton, but we’re also dedicated to creating a tranquil home for your family. Here at Lawn Doctor, we train our technicians on the latest eco-friendly solutions in the industry to make sure you get the best results possible. If you are looking for a surefire way to keep bugs out, while also protecting the environment, look no further than Lawn Doctor.

Create a Barrier Around Your Home

In order to keep bugs out for the long haul, recurring treatments are your best bet. Here in Colorado, there are an array of different pests trying to invade your home. Our Annual Perimeter Insect Control Program will stop crawling insects like ants and spiders from getting inside all throughout the year. Not only that, but each treatment is guaranteed to work for 45 days! Our experience has taught us what solutions work best for each season, and that’s why this plan includes:

  • Spring Perimeter Barrier
  • Summer Perimeter Barrier
  • Fall Perimeter Barrier
  • Winter Perimeter Barrier

Say Goodbye to Mosquitoes

Do mosquito bites keep you inside during the warm seasons? If you are scared to venture out to your yard for the fear of getting bit, our Yard Armor program can help. We utilize a eco-friendly mosquito spray that smells like peppermint oil and cedar. This product deters mosquitoes and ticks from your property, and just like our other pest solutions, it is:

  • Minimally-invasive
  • Less toxic for kids and pests than our competition’s chemicals
  • Backed by our service guarantee

Do you want to keep bugs out the safe way?

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