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A living probiotic approach to lawn care

Are you ready for a beautiful lawn? The foundation of our effective lawn care is Proganix--a probiotic platform that eliminates harmful pesticides and restores the circle of life in our soil, reducing synthetics by 50%. It includes five bionutritional fertilizations with weed control and one natural insect and fungus suppression application. Plus, our trained experts always take the extra step for our customers, making us the best green option in the area!

Yearly Lawn Care Program

Our lawn care program includes lawn fertilization, weed control, lawn insect control, and grub control--everything you need for a gorgeous, healthy lawn.

Here's what to expect from the slow-release feedings in our 6-service Proganix Program: 

  • Visit 1: Pre-emergence treatment to kill crabgrass, mite control, and a root stimulator
  • Visit 2: Pre-emergence treatment to kill crabgrass, mite control
  • Visit 3: First feeding for top growth and natural grub suppression, deep green soil conditioners to help grass retain more nutrients and prevent drought stress
  • Visit 4: Drought-recovery soil conditioner, root booster, heavy micronutrients
  • Visit 5: Pesticide-free Power Green 2x with twice the living microbes, soil conditioner, micronutrients to provide better moisture retention
  • Visit 6: Nitrogen to prevent winter damage and allow for a healthier, quicker spring green-up

*We also offer a 7-service program for lawns with disease and fungus issues.

Bug & Grub Prevention

We recommend two Bug & Grub Services per season to prevent subsurface insects from feeding on roots. (This service does not protect against mites.)

  • Early Summer: Targets overwintering larvae such as chinch bugs and bilbug grubs
  • Late Summer: Targets the Fall generation of larvae such as sod webworm and cranberry girdler as they begin to hatch from their eggs

*Bug & Grub Services are guaranteed for 60 days with any program of 5+ services. Generally, after 60 days, a 2nd Bug and Grub Service may be needed.

Natural-Based Holganix Ingredients

Unlike other lawn care companies, most of which use synthetic fertilizer, we use fertilizer that contains beneficial microbes and nematodes. In fact, we reduce synthetics such as herbicides, pesticides, and phosphorus by a minimum of 50%. Once it dries, our treatments are completely child and pet-friendly. 

Trusted Technicians

Here at Lawn Doctor, we are not only locally-owned and operated-- our programs are designed specifically for the Colorado area. Loyalty is important to us. For that reason, when you put your lawn in our expert hands, you get the same technicians for each lawn care treatment. With every 5-service or more program, our customers receive our guarantee. If necessary, we'll redo your service free of charge or refund the most recent visit. We also offer flexible scheduling.