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Professional Aeration & Seeding In Colorado

Life in Colorado means a life spent outdoors – and our yards are some of our favorite living spaces. We all love spending time in the fresh Colorado air making memories with family, friends, and pets. Unfortunately, heavy use of our yards can eventually have a severe impact on the look, feel, and health of our grass. High foot traffic can prove a breeding ground for two common enemies of any healthy, lush, lawn: compacted soil and thatch buildup. Over time, compressed soil and thatch can suffocate grass at its roots, robbing it of necessary nutrients before killing it entirely.

Lawn aeration and seeding from Lawn Doctor can revitalize your yard!

Lawn Aeration & Seeding Services

Thatch Doesn't Stand A Chance With Us

Lawn Doctor never lets the thatch win. Ever. Since 1972, Lawn Doctor's aeration and seeding strategies have created gorgeous yards throughout the Colorado regions. That means we've been perfecting our thatch attack for over forty years. Lawn Doctor's skilled team of specialists use proprietary equipment specifically designed for our unique process that yields optimal results.

An Up-Close Look At Our Yard Aeration & Seeding Approach

Aeration and seeding offer deliver an impressive range of benefits to any residential and commercial property. Your lawn's roots will become stronger and better able to defend itself against insects, pests, and weeds. Additionally, Lawn Doctor's aeration and seeding solutions:

  • Instantly redistribute vital water, air, and nutrients

  • Improve fertilization efforts

  • Fortify lawns against heat and drought

  • Reduce surface areas of standing water

  • Protect against disease

Most importantly, Lawn Doctor's aeration and seeding approach prevents future thatch buildup.

Our Core Aeration Approach

Lawn Doctors trained team systematically removes plugs of soil to alleviate soil compaction and encourage critical absorption of oxygen, nutrients, and water.

Our Seeding Approach

We offer Colorado customers two seeding programs:

  • Aeration & Overseeding

  • Ultimate Power Seeding

Lawn Doctor applies seed in the fall, turning up the soil and improving the overall appearance and health of your lawn.

We Are Locally-Owned & Operated

What does this mean for you? It means that Lawn Doctor doesn't just know lawns…our team of experts knows Colorado lawns. You'll receive aeration and seeding services by someone who truly understands your lawn's distinctive needs to get the results you deserve.  

Lawn Doctor makes customer service a top priority at all times. Your service technician will consult with you throughout the process to ensure you're well informed at all times. We offer flexible appointments based on your busy schedule for optimal convenience. Lawn Doctor even holds special offers and promotions on our aeration services to maximize customer value. These are just some of the ways we strive to deliver the ultimate lawn care experience to home and business owners throughout Colorado.   

Ready To Rid Your Lawn Of Thatch?

Lawn Doctor is ready to help. Contact the team today to schedule a no-risk project consultation on your residential or commercial property. Don't forget to ask about our current promotions and discounts!