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What Pests? Lawn Doctor Eliminates Insects And Rodents From Your Yard

Are you feeling overrun by pests on your residential or commercial property? It's a common occurrence here in Colorado, where insects and rodents can run rampant, posing major problems for home and business owners alike.

Yes, pests happen. However, at Lawn Doctor we believe our clients shouldn't have to learn to live with tiny, uninvited guests in the yard and (worse yet) house. We provide full-scale pest control solutions to eliminate unwanted pests and help you take back control of your interior and exterior living spaces!

Interior and exterior pest control from Lawn Doctor can keep many types of insects away!

Outdoor & Indoor Pest Control Services

Effective Interior & Exterior Pest Control Services

Your home is a private sanctuary that should remain pest-free at all times. Even a single creepy crawler inside your residence can compromise your (and your family's) sense of security and peace of mind. Lawn Doctor's comprehensive insect pest control program protects your home and keeps bugs and rodents where they belong – far away from your property.

Lawn Doctor offers both preventative and elimination strategies to safeguard your home from anything lurking outside, including:

  • Spiders
  • Ants
  • Fleas
  • Ticks
  • Earwigs
  • Flies
  • Gnats
  • Soil-dwelling wasps

We proudly offer Colorado clients these interior/exterior services:

Preventative Strategies

Lawn Doctor applies an exterior treatment around the perimeter of your home to prevent an outbreak. Our recurring schedule includes spring, summer, fall, and winter applications for year-round protection.

Elimination Approach

Are you already dealing with an infestation? Lawn Doctor can help. We offer reactive elimination services both inside and outside of the building to help you reclaim your home. We strive to minimize the number of treatments inside your home and instead focus on preventative solutions like perimeter treatments. No matter what the season, our innovative approach targets adult pests as well as nests to prevent future outbreaks.

Individual Applications

Planning an upcoming outside event and don't want guests to get carried away by bugs? Or maybe you aren't ready to commit to full-scale pest program? Not a problem. Lawn Doctor customizes our pest control services by offering a single-treatment application. It's just another way Lawn Doctor strives to ensure our customers enjoy the best lawn care service experience possible.

Lawn Doctor: Natural, Eco-Friendly Bug Control

At Lawn Doctor, we don't just want to keep our customers safe from pests; we also want to keep them safe from harmful toxins. We use natural-based, environmentally friendly sprays to protect you and your loved ones from heavy chemical concentrations. Lawn Doctor's pesticide-free treatment is a major industry breakthrough. Our aromatic cedar and peppermint oil product creates a no-fly zone and deters airborne insects and other bugs from invading your space.

Lawn Doctor's trained, holistic exterminators will apply this product around your property as needed, including:

  • Window wells

  • Lawn shrubs

  • Mulch beds

  • Underneath decks

  • Around doors

We’ll also spray in hard-to-reach areas where insects may gather to prevent them from working their way inside. Best of all, Lawn Doctor stands behind our work. Our 4-Service Yard Armor Program comes with a satisfaction guarantee – that's how confident we are in our products, services, and technicians!

Ready to make your home a pest-free zone? Contact Lawn Doctor today for a no-risk property consultation