Protect Your Investment: Proper Tree and Shrub Care in the Fall

Protect Your Investment: Proper Tree and Shrub Care in the Fall

Your trees and shrubs are a key part of your curb appeal. However, when fall rolls around and the harsh winter temperatures in Colorado are looming, it’s easy to forget about proper tree and shrub care. Don’t let it slip your mind! It’s important to protect your investment by offering added care for ornamental trees and bushes.

Here’s how you can ensure your trees and shrubs will survive the winter and be ready to thrive in the spring:

proper tree and shrub care watering shrub

Continue Watering Well Into the Fall

Cold weather can be hard on your trees, shrubs and garden plants. Therefore, it’s important to ensure each leaf and root gets enough water in the fall. Continue to water your newly planted trees, shrubs, evergreens, and woody plants well into October and before the ground freezes. This will help to make sure they have the nutrients they need to bloom once spring and summer grace your Colorado property. One important thing to note is that winter damage of trees and shrubs typically stems from drying and lack of moisture. With at least one inch of water each week, you can provide your greenery with the moisture it needs to avoid dehydration, burning, and browning.

Consider Wrapping Delicate Shrubs

proper tree and shrub care wrap your shrubs

You have a decision to make when it comes to wrapping your trees and shrubs. Some homeowners choose not to add burlap wrap because it doesn’t look sophisticated. However, if you want your trees and shrubs to look great during prime seasons, it’s a necessary task, especially for plants and shrubbery susceptible to winter burn. Consider wrapping new plants that have not yet had the time to grow extensive roots. Wrapping can help to contain moisture and prevent water loss that your shrubs and trees desperately need. In addition, if your trees and shrubs are exposed to salt spray from the road, a double layer of burlap may help to prevent damage from harsh chemicals.

Enlist the Help of the Professionals

Let’s face it. Your time is valuable and winterizing your trees and shrubs may not be at the top of your to-do list. That’s where Lawn Doctor of Denver comes in. We can offer you a 4-step seasonal fix for preserving your trees and shrubs. Learn more about our tree and shrub services, as well as our comprehensive lawn solutions by calling 303-936-8001.

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