Do YOU Qualify as a Mosquito Magnet?

Are Mosquitoes More Attracted to You?

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  1. Do you feel personally targeted by mosquitoes?
  2. Does it seem like you get bit way more often than anyone else?
  3. Have you ever complained to your friends or family about your mosquito bites from last night’s bbq to find out they didn’t get bitten at all?
  4. Have you literally said: “I swear mosquitoes are attracted to me more.”

If you answered yes to any of those questions, don’t feel crazy. You may actually be more enticing to these little bloodsuckers than your other human counterparts.

As summer stretches its way into August we start to see more and more mosquitoes each day.

Sometimes it seems like they know exactly where you’re gonna be and when you’re gonna be there just in time to make you their dinner.

Believe it or not, there are actually some things that may make you more qualified than others to become a mosquito magnet. Here they are:

1. You exercise

Mosquitoes like you more if you exercise

If you find yourself exercising often, you will most likely be more attractive to mosquitoes when you’re around them. Exercising releases lactic acid into your body, which mosquitoes love (for whatever reason).

2.Your wardrobe choice

Mosquitoes like different colors more

If you wear dark or bright colored clothes, you could be painting a target on your own body for mosquitoes. Researchers have tested the effects of colors on mosquitoes and found that they tend to gravitate towards bright and dark clothing when compared to light, more natural colors.

3. You sweat a lot

Mosquitoes are attracted to sweat

Everybody sweats, it’s nothing to be ashamed of. Some people sweat more than others, and it can even be genetic. Mosquitoes are extremely attracted to sweat and look for those who do find themselves sweating often.

4. You’re pregnant

mosquitoes prefer pregnant women

If you’re pregnant you might notice an unusual interest from mosquitoes. Pregnant women emit higher levels of CO2 which attracts the bloodsuckers. They often tend to have higher body temperatures on average which is also a trait that could qualify you as a mosquito magnet.

5. You have type O blood

Type O blood attracts mosquitoes

If you have type O blood, you’re twice as likely to get bitten by mosquitoes than others. Researches have found that type O is mosquitoes favorite blood and type A is their least favorite.

6. You’ve been drinking

drinking alcohol, especially beer attracts mosquitoes

When you drink alcohol, your metabolism starts to speed up. In response to an increased metabolism rate is an increased rate of CO2 emitted. Some say that beer, in particular, will attract mosquitoes over other kinds of alcohol.

7. Your age & size

your age and size effects how attracted mosquitoes are to you

If you’re a larger person, you most likely have bigger lungs and exhale more CO2 than others. Children are smaller and emit less carbon dioxide than adults and in return, attract fewer mosquitoes overall.

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