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Ash Borer Insect Treatment for Trees in Denver, CO

If your Denver home or commercial property has an ash tree, then you might be concerned for its safety from the ash borer beetle. This pesky little beetle, since its discovery back in 2002, has been responsible for the death of millions of trees. We at Lawn Doctor know how best to provide infected trees with effective ash borer treatments, prevent this pest from affecting your ash tree, and restoring your tree to full health once the pest has been exterminated. With our services, you will be able to maintain and maybe even improve your Denver’s property value.

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Denver Property Owners Should Know What an Ash Borer Is

The ash borer beetle is an ash tree killing an insect. That being the case, if your tree is properly cared for, maintained, and observed carefully, most of the problems can be avoided. Ash borer treatment can help maintain the value of your Denver property with the promise of being protected from future infestation via our treatments. Contact Lawn Doctor to come to your Denver home or business so we may begin the inspection of your ash tree, provide preventative ash borer treatments, or attempt to get rid of this beetle before it can further harm your property’s value.

How Do We Provide Ash Borer Treatments in Denver?

To get to the point where we can effectively apply our ash borer treatment to your Denver property’s ash tree, we need to consider the dose, the timing of the application, and the health of the infected tree. There are four types of treatment options for ash borer beetle infestation. These include bark or canopy spray, and soil injection or bark injection. Although, the most common types used are the soil and bark injection methods.

When Is the Time for Ash Borer Treatment Services in Denver?

If you have confirmed there has been an infestation of ash borer beetles within 15 miles of your Denver property, then we recommend seeking ash borer treatment services. If the tree in question has been infested, and it is detected early enough, we may be able to treat your Denver home or business property’s ash trees to prevent further damage, which will help the tree recover. Contact us today, and we can help inspect, prevent, and treat an infestation of ash borer beetles as soon as possible.

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