3 Reasons Why Fall Is A Great Time To Fertilize

fertilizerWhat do you think of when you hear the words, “fall lawn care”? Maybe it’s raking leaves, pulling weeds, clearing out the gutters, or deciding when you should cut the grass for the last time. What about fertilizing? Isn’t that a springtime activity? Actually, it’s not!

When it comes to taking care of your lawn this fall, fertilizing is one of the most beneficial things you can do. Here are 3 reasons why fall is a great time to fertilize:

Nitrogen (N), Phosphorous (P), and Potassium (K)

These are the three ingredients in fertilizer, and each of them serves a different purpose:

  • The nitrogen is responsible for the growth
  • The phosphorous is responsible for strengthening and growth of the root
  • The potassium is responsible for protecting the grass and root from the cold, winter temperatures. It also helps with the overall functions of the grass.

When you’re looking at fertilizer, you will see a set of three numbers that will look something like: 10-10-10, or 20-5-5, for example. These numbers represent how much of each ingredient is in the fertilizer. It’s known as the “N-P-K” value and it helps determine which fertilizer is best for the time and place it’s being used.

Protection From The Harsh Winter Weather

Now that your grass has recovered from the hot summer, adding fertilizer in the fall will give the grass even more stamina to endure the winter weather. This allows the grass to store carbohydrate, which protects from winter diseases like brown patch or snow mold.

When picking which fall fertilizer you are going to use, you want one that is high in potassium, and low (or even zero) in the nitrogen and phosphorous categories.

Supported Root Growth For Lush, Green Grass In The Springgrass

Fertilizing in the fall also prepares your grass for a healthy spring. This is accomplished by using a fertilizer that is high in phosphorous and potassium, as that will strengthen the root and give it those essential nutrients.

At Lawn Doctor we have a yearly lawn care program which can help you get that beautiful, luscious, green yard you’ve always wanted. We have safe, eco-friendly fertilizers that provide those essential nutrients, and more! Call our experts today at 303-936-8001 for more information, and let us help you!