Just like you, we care about our family's health and safety too. We use these same treatments on our lawns, so we make sure all of our solutions are completely child and pet-friendly. We also know how important conserving the environment is to our customers. That’s why, unlike other lawn companies - most of which use synthetic fertilizers - we use Proganix, a 93% natural bio-nutritional product that is eco-friendly, green, and will give you healthy, beautiful grass.

The living platform defines Proganix, starting with our Natural Core. We are the first and only company in Colorado to offer living material that reduces chemicals--making us the best choice for lawn care services in the area. What’s more? Our trained experts will always go the extra mile for you, so when you partner with Lawn Doctor, you can trust our 46 years in Colorado to give you honest homegrown solutions that are right for the Front Range. You will get a sense of urgency from our team of professionals who are on your side.



At Lawn Doctor, we know that achieving a vibrant, beautiful lawn begins with fertilization. Proper grass fertilization nourishes your grass from the roots up, making a significant impact on the color, consistency, and long-term health of the entire landscape. Striking the perfect fertilization balance can prove challenging, particularly here in Colorado. That's why we use Proganix, a probiotic-based fertilization system that allows you to achieve a lush, green, healthy yard, the safe way. Your specific grass species, soil composition, and the local (often harsh) growing climate can quickly derail an inferior fertilizer regime, leaving you frustrated with lackluster results. Worse yet, many fertilizers are laden with abrasive toxins that not only damage the surrounding ecosystem, but can also prove harmful to family and pets.


Don't go it alone with your lawn care needs. If you're ready to optimize the strength, health, and beauty of your residential or commercial landscape, Lawn Doctor can help

At Lawn Doctor, we believe you shouldn't have to sacrifice the health of your loved ones for the health of your lawn. We proudly use Proganix as the foundation of our proven, highly successful program. Proganix is a 93% natural, bio-nutritional and eco-friendly solution that eliminates harmful pesticides, creates a naturally increasing living microbe community, restores soil health, and reduces the use of synthetics by 50% - all while helping your lawns, beds, and gardens thrive!

Lawn Doctor isn't just the first company in Colorado to offer a living material fertilizer routine; we are also the only professional provider in the state to offer living material to reduce chemical use and increase property vitality. Our holistic lawn fertilization approach delivers a comprehensive suite of benefits, including:

  • Pre-emergent weed control
  • Natural bug & grub suppression
  • Soil conditioners
  • Root boost
  • Deep Green Power Boost
  • Prevention of drought stress

Our team of responsive, experienced lawn specialists also prevents and treats necrotic ring spot, winter lawn mites, ascochyta leaf blight, and even dog spots. Lawn Doctor's effective care applications can help you love your lawn!

Proganix lawn care is more kid-friendly and pet-friendly than other organic lawn care options.

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At Lawn Doctor, we don't just service the Colorado area - we also live here. Since 1972, our crew of local landscape authorities has made it our mission to transform local Colorado properties and ensure customer satisfaction on every project we manage.

Your satisfaction is our guarantee, which means you'll receive:

  • One-on-one care from our technicians
  • Technicians who know your name and family.
  • Flexible scheduling for optimal convenience
  • Free supervisor visits between services if needed
  • Free re-treatments on the off-chance they weren’t successful.
  • We will keep coming back until you and your lawn are happy.
  • A full refund of your most recent visit if you are still dissatisfied.
  • Hassle-free billing, including auto-pay and pre-pay
  • On top of that, we will match all competitor prices.

We even offer free re-treatments if an application doesn't achieve desired results. We do whatever it takes to make you and your lawns happy!