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Get a beautiful, green yard the safest way possible!

Here at Lawn Doctor, we understand the appeal of a gorgeous landscape. Who doesn't enjoy driving up to a home with a beautiful lawn? Because harsh weather can make it difficult to maintain your lawn, we have designed our lawn care programs specifically for the Colorado climate. Our eco-friendly lawn care starts with a probiotic-based fertilization. Along with this, we add weed control, insect control, and the right nutrition necessary to create thick, lush grass that will be the envy of your neighbors. The best part? It’s guaranteed healthier and safer for the same great price...and you won't have to lift a finger! 

Expert Lawn Care in Colorado

Our yearly lawn care program will eliminate crabgrass, prevent drought stress, and provide the necessary nutrients for a healthy spring green-up. It's everything you need for a gorgeous, kid & pet friendly lawn in Colorado--including:

  • Eco-friendly and probiotic based lawn fertilization that is 93% natural and uses over 50% fewer synthetics than our competitors. 
  • A living microbe community that will increase with every service restoring the soil to its natural living state.
  • Treatments that use half the amount of herbicides, pesticides, and phosphorus.
  • Pre-emergent weed control to control and prevent unsightly weeds in your lawn.
  • Natural bug & grub suppression to eliminate insects in your yard without harming your turf. Traditional prevention methods may be added.
  • Soil conditioners and root boosters to give you green, thick grass.
  • Our Holistic approach includes eco-friendly fungus and disease treatment if needed.

Safer, More Environmentally-Friendly Products

Just like you, we care about our family's health and safety too. We use these same treatments on our lawns, so we make sure all of our solutions are completely child and pet-friendly. We also know how important conserving the environment is to our customers. That’s why, unlike other lawn companies - most of which use synthetic fertilizers - we use Proganix, a 93% natural bio-nutritional product that is eco-friendly, green, and will give you healthy, beautiful grass. 

The living platform defines Proganix, starting with our Natural Core. We are the first and only company in Colorado to offer living material that reduces chemicals--making us the best choice for lawn care in the area. What’s more? Our trained experts will always go the extra mile for you, so when you partner with Lawn Doctor, you can trust our 46 years in Colorado to give you honest homegrown solutions that are right for the Front Range. You will get a sense of urgency from our team of professionals who are on your side.

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed

Because Lawn Doctor is locally-owned and operated since 1972, our technicians are experts of the ins and outs of effective lawn care in Colorado. Not only that, but we’re also your neighbors, friends, and biggest supporters of the local community. When you put your lawn in our expert hands, you can trust you’ll get exactly what you need. Your satisfaction is our guarantee, which means you'll receive:

  • Free supervisor visits between services if needed.
  • Free re-treatments on the off-chance they weren’t successful. We will keep coming back until you and your lawn are happy.
  • A full refund of your most recent visit if you are still dissatisfied.
  • Flexible scheduling and hassle-free billing -- including auto-pay and pre-pay.
  • Technicians who know your name and family.

On top of that, we will match all competitor prices and deliver a greener, healthier landscape!

Do We Service Your Area?

Colorado Lawn Doctor services the greater metro areas of Denver, Colorado Springs, and Pueblo. Check out our service area map to see if we service your town.

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