The Complete Fall Lawn Guide for Denver Homeowners

Continue mowing grass in the fall

It’s no secret that the more time you invest in your lawn during the fall, the results in the spring will showcase this work. However, are you taking all the steps you should to preserve the beauty and prime condition of your lawn and landscaping?

See how you can boost your curb appeal and achieve a green, lush lawn for spring and summer with this comprehensive lawn guide from the Lawn Doctor of Denver.

Continue Mowing the Grass

Although your grass doesn’t grow as quickly during the early and fall months, continue to mow to keep the lawn healthy. Higher grass attracts insects and pests seeking to find warmth. In addition, tall grass can also form bacteria and disease that affects the livelihood of the roots. Support healthy root structure by setting your mower height to three inches and continue mowing until the first Denver frost hits.

Rake the Leaves

While it seems obvious that you need to remove leaves, many times, obligations get in the way and this task becomes a low priority. However, put raking at the top of your list to avoid exposing your grass to browning, bacteria, and disease caused by moisture build up.

Aerate and Overseed Early

Pull the weeds in fall

Make the most of the cooler weather in the fall by aerating your lawn. During aeration, small holes are created to help bring oxygen to the roots of your grass. In addition, aeration helps redistribute any trapped nutrients in the roots and soil. Fortify the root strength and enhance the immune system of planting with a thorough aeration and overseeding session.

Pull the Weeds

Weeds can creep up on your lawn and landscaping at any time of the year, but fall is the best time to spray for weeds. A touch-up application helps minimize the risk of insects and bugs taking over your grass, trees, and shrubs, too.

Get Help From the Professionals 

The experts at the Lawn Doctor of Denver can assist you with fall cleanup, aeration, overseeding and grub control. Save your time with the affordable services and comprehensive lawn care provided by this staple in Denver. Contact us today at 303-936-8001.