Reverse Summer Damage: Aerate And Overseed Your Denver Lawn This Fall

Here in Denver, summertime’s high heat and drought conditions can wreak havoc on our cool season lawns. In our region lawns thrive in 60-75 degree temperatures so, with the blistering sun bearing down, plenty of damage can be done. Without treatment and maintenance, our lawns can easily fall victim to issues such as burned patches, disease, and pests. As a result, when the cooler fall weather rolls around, our lawns can often look fairly neglected. In fact, it’s not uncommon to have noticeable damage and bare spots throughout your lawn.

Now Is The Perfect Time For A Little Fall Lawn TLC

Denver locals know that our world-famous winter is on its way. Don’t fret! Fall offers ample time to repair summer damage found on your home or business lawn before the flurries start flying. The cool autumn weather provides ideal conditions to give your residential or commercial property a little extra attention.  Professional techniques including aeration and overseeding can help ensure your lawn is strong and healthy before winter officially arrives.

Aeration: The First Step In Fall Lawn Maintenance

In the summer, our lawns become our favorite outdoor living spaces where we play, relax, and entertain. As a result, that extra foot traffic compacts our property, robbing the soil and root systems of moisture, oxygen, and other critical nutrients. If left untreated, compacted grounds can result in heavy thatch areas and even kill spots in our lawn completely. Enter aeration. The aeration process perforates the soil to remove dirt plugs, allowing food, water, and air to penetrate to the grassroots. As a result, this allows your lawn to get everything it needs to grow and thrive.

When properly performed, aeration delivers several essential benefits including:

  • Reduced compaction
  • Improved air flow
  • Minimized thatch
  • Increased drainage efficiency

Overseeding Restores Bare And Bald Spots In Your Yard

Aeration is a vital part to complete lawn care however, it’s often not enough to repair summer damage. Overseeding is the next step in a fall lawn rescue. Overseeding is a simple and inexpensive way to repair damaged grass and sparse areas throughout the property without using sod.

A landscaping firm can evaluate your lawn to determine how much overseeding is required and the best areas to apply. Strategically seeding your lawn helps fill in sparse areas of turf that have suffered from the summer damage. Beyond improving your yard’s look, overseeding can even strengthen its immune system, helping to protect from disease and insect attacks.

One of the biggest benefits of overseeding is that you’ll see results quickly. Seeds will sprout in about 7-10 days, becoming a fully established lawn over the course of several weeks. When properly watered and cared for, this affordable process offers an ideal alternative to high cost, labor-intensive sod treatments. Many home and business owners couple their fall aeration and overseeding efforts together with a final fertilization treatment. This will help to fortify their property and ready it for the impending arrival of winter.

Ready to repair summer damage in your yard? We can help. Contact Lawn Doctor today to schedule a no-risk consultation.