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Bark Borer Disease Treatment for Trees in Alden, CO

After your Alden property’s trees or shrubs have gone through a troubling time, sapping their strength, they may become infected by the bark borer beetle. This beetle has been recognized to severely damage trees and shrubs throughout the United States and even parts of Canada. We make it our objective to help prevent and manage your trees with these bark borer treatment plans. Contact Yard Doctor today, and we will make sure that one of our technicians shows up at your Alden home or business to inspect, apply preventative remedies, or help control any infected foliage.

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What is a Bark Borer Beetle?

The bark borer beetle is an insect that lives beneath the bark of trees or shrubs on Alden properties. It is there it hides, and it is their hiding spot that makes them so difficult to control with simple insecticides. These pesky small beetles attack conifers and even some broadleaf trees. Bark beetles mine the inner bark on twigs, branches, or trunks of timber. They usually assault trees or shrubs that have grown weak. So, if you are concerned over Alden property’s tree or shrubs, contact Lawn Doctor for bark borer treatment. Bark beetles can contribute to the decline and eventual death of trees; however, only a few aggressive species are known to be the sole cause of tree mortality.

Bark Borer Treatment Options in Alden

If you have found that Bark Borer beetles infected your Alden house or business property’s trees and shrubs, you should know your treatment options. When it comes to bark borer treatments, there are cultural control, biological control, behavioral control, and chemical control options. Cultural control includes making sure you select the right timber to plant on your own Alden home and reducing the stress of the foliage by taking care of it.

Best Period for Bark Borer Treatment in Alden

If going through the chemical control avenue, you will want to consider preventative care choices over reactive applications. The application of bark borer remedies after an infestation can often be ineffective. Due to the elevation, it is often better to apply bark borer treatments on Alden properties in late spring. Typically, one application on your Alden property per year might help with season-long control. Nevertheless, if there are weighty rains, then a second application may be required for effective management against the bark borer beetle.

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