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Dog Urine & Spot Repair for Grass & Lawns in Auburn, CO

In Auburn, dogs are man's best friend, our one and only confidant, and the reason behind all the brown patches on our lawns. With the surplus of dog lovers throughout the Auburn area, it is normal to come across doggie urine grass spots all over residential and commercial lawns. Unfortunately, there are no quick fixes or chemical treatments that will restore your Auburn lawn at the snap of your fingers. However, at Lawn Doctor, we offer dog spot repair services that provide the preventative security and solutions needed to begin bringing your yard back to life, no seeding required.

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Auburn’s Choice for Dog Urine Grass Fixes

With dog plaguing properties throughout Auburn, it is important for us to understand the source of the problem before we can take any preventative measures. Dog spots are yellowish, brownish deadened areas found in lawns where dogs have urinated, or those areas also known as pet urine grass. Our lawns need nitrogen in the soil, but the high amounts of nitrogen in dog urine creates a nitrogen surplus that causes the grass to burn and die.

Dog Spot Repair and Prevention in Auburn

There are ways to combat the dreaded dog urine grass spots. One way includes consistent lawn care treatment to provide long term success. Additionally, longer watering cycles focused on urine impacted areas is a sure way to eliminate dog urine grass spots. However, not everyone in Auburn has the time to dedicate to that task. Another alternative would be ensuring that your dog is drinking enough water because a well hydrated dog’s urine is usually diluted, and thus creates less brown spots.

A Lawn Care Firm in Auburn for Dog Spot Repair

At Lawn Doctor in Auburn, we provide clients with a Deep Green Power Increase treatment, which will bring their lawn back to life. The treatment works as a dog spot repair by balancing out the pH levels of the soil and removing the extra nitrogen burning the grass. We love our dogs, and we want them to roll around in the very best grass possible. Talk to us today and discover what we can do for your dog urine grass issues in Auburn.

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