Fungal disease on a grass bowling green showing the characteristic circular ring.

Necrotic Ring Spot Treatment & Care in Lucerne, CO

There is no wrong decision when it comes to deciding what kind of grass you want for your Lucerne house; however, within those choices, there are unforeseen problems that might occur. Those with Kentucky Bluegrass on their home might fall victim to necrotic ring spots. While these band spots produce interesting marks on lawns, they also make for a challenging solution. Our knowledgeable professionals have the various tools and information needed in order to provide excellent necrotic ring spot treatment to our Lucerne customers.

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Identifying Your Necrotic Ring Spot Problem in Lucerne

So, getting down to the nitty-gritty of the dreaded necrotic band spot, it is a soil-bound fungus that begins its attack at the roots of our lawns. The rings themselves are baseball to basketball-sized; however, they can be much larger. The occurrence of these ring spots can be year-round, but they typically develop in late summer, once the soil temperatures in Lucerne have reached their peak. The unfortunate news for necrotic ring spots is since they are a soil based disease, they are considered incurable. Nevertheless, our Lawn Doctor specialists in Lucerne can meet any challenge.

Necrotic Ring Place Treatment for Lucerne Residents

We have created a new living treatment that is able to replenish the soil of your Lucerne lawn, beginning with restoring the lawns natural food cycle, our necrotic ring spot treatment will then destroy fungi and bacteria by burning them into a food source for plant life. In addition to reducing nitrogen build-up and the overall pH levels in the soil. While our treatments cannot completely get rid of the soil-bound fungus, it will prevent those areas from resurfacing back onto your property.

Landscaping Experts for Lucerne Property Owners

Do not let these necrotic ring spots continue to plague your Lucerne home or commercial lawn. Why don't we care for it for you by providing customized solutions and remedies for your premises? Our experienced and dedicated lawn care technicians are here to help and reduce the unnecessary stress in your life by solving any problem you encounter with your Lucerne lawn.

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