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Popular Parks in Colorado Springs, CO

When it comes to gorgeous parks and open natural spaces, it's tough to beat Colorado Springs. Located at the base of popular Pikes Peak, this breathtaking Colorado city boasts a whopping 9,000+ acres of traditional parks as well as 500 acres of designated trail space, allowing visitors here a chance to soak up everything that Mother Nature has to offer. Canyons, mesas, mountain streams, forests, foothills – Colorado Springs delivers a tranquil oasis for anyone looking to get away from the bustle and din of city life.

Colorado Springs provides access to a multitude of urban parklands as well. In total, there are seven regional parks, eight community parks, and 136 neighborhood parks where locals and guests can enjoy recreational activities, hiking trails, picnicking, and athletic facilities. Colorado Springs even offers two local golf courses that are open to the public. These natural and man-made green spaces not only help residents get outside and get active, but they also improve the overall quality of life for those lucky enough to call Colorado Springs home.

Serving Our Neighbors in Colorado Springs, Colorado

Lawn Doctor Can Make Your Property A Private Retreat In Colorado Springs

At Lawn Doctor, we love the hundreds of community parks located in Colorado Springs. However, we believe our customers shouldn't have to leave their own homes to enjoy a lush, healthy, and beautiful green space. Lawn Doctor partners with home and business owners throughout the great city of Colorado Springs to create a customized, private oasis right on their own properties.

We offer the people of Colorado Springs access to a full suite of land and turf care services, including:

No matter what your vision or the current condition of your property, Lawn Doctor's team of experienced, skilled, and professional turf specialists can create an outdoor space you'll love spending time in!

Lawn Doctor: Locally Owned And Operated Colorado Lawn Care

Lawn Doctor doesn’t just work in the state of Colorado – we live here! Since 1972, we have provided top quality lawn care services to our friends, neighbors, and fellow community members throughout the Colorado region. We understand the unique local growing conditions here and how weather patterns can impact our clients' commercial and residential lawns. Lawn Doctor uses our 40+ years experience and extensive local insight to ensure our efforts exceed client expectations at all times.

Additionally, Lawn Doctor offers family-friendly solutions that are safe for the environment. We are the only local provider to offer living material products to keep chemical exposure to a minimum. It's just one of the many ways Lawn Doctor makes customer care our top priority!

Come Find Out Why Colorado Springs Trusts Lawn Doctor

Contact us today to experience Lawn Doctor's exceptional customer service for yourself!

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